Best Round Ever

When reflecting on my day’s unbelievable round of golf, Yoweee! I thought scoring par at 82 years of age was beyond reach, and certainly not being under par. I remember the day I had my previous lowest round, a 70 at the Indiana University golf course in 2008 at age 70. That day standing on the tee of the final hole I realized I needed a birdie to shoot my age. It wasn’t an easy hole, but I did reach the green in two, unfortunately I was 25-feet away from the pin. It would be a downhill, left-breaking putt. My three playing partners, aware of my opportunity, all offered their opinion on the putt’s break and speed. No two agreed. Unbelievably the ball went into the hole. All right!

This day, standing on the 18th tee, I had only one bogey on the card, having hit twelve greens in regulation and one-putted three of those for birdies. The other five greens resulted in four successful up and downs for par. I was two under par. Okay, so I’m now playing senior tees at 5,000 yards. I was reasonably confident I could par the final par-five hole and record another incredible 70.

I was on the par-five green in three, but 20-feet away from the pin with a slight right to left breaking putt. Okay, no problem, lag it close for an unbelievable 70. OMG! It went in the hole! SIXTY NINE!

Okay boys, the beer is on me in the clubhouse.

3 thoughts on “Best Round Ever

  1. Jim, Wish I could write about an unbelievable game on the golf course. But I had a fun
    Story at a senior ladies tournament last year. One golfer asked her cart partner where she
    Was from and The reply was Elmira, Ontario and the other golfer said oh, I am from Elmira,
    New York, and I behind said I’m from Elmira, Prince Edward Island!
    So to much socializing that day and did not shoot my age!

  2. Congratulations young man! That’s a fantastic day no matter what tees you’re playing!

  3. So proud of you on this most thrilling day, Jim!
    I HATE roller coasters.
    I took my friend up on his offer for a flight in his crop duster bi-plane, last Saturday.
    Wanna do a roll over, he asked?
    When I made a mid-air “cut” sign with my hand, to my female partner’s smiling now, YES…
    he replied,
    Here we go….
    And we did…
    My many many previously eaten pancakes from the benefit breakfast moments before…..
    remained safe within!
    Thought of you, Jim!
    Proudly, Barb Smith

    Call sone day, Bob and I’ll tell you of our holes-in-one!
    Take care!
    Golfing tomorrow!

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