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Two-Wheeled Adventures, Chapter Three, 2011, 2013 

In 2011 I headed west again, titling my travel journal “Chasing the Sun.” The title could actually have been named “Chasing the SON” because my youngest son, Brian, had been challenged to run across Nevada on trails, and to set a record doing so. It was 500 miles across the state and climbed fifteen mountain ranges. The State […]

Visit to Cuba

In May 2001, a few months after I retired, I signed on as crew for a three-week sailboat delivery from the British Virgin Islands (BVI), across the Gulf of Mexico to Texas. Such opportunities are available by doing searches on the internet. My wife, Michele, and I had discussed buying a blue-water sailboat and doing […]

Two-Wheeled Adventures, Chapter Two, 2005, 2007

  My motorcycle travel adventure in 2005 had me heading southeast, down through Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, the Carolinas, and Virginia, then back up the East Coast as far as Pennsylvania. I have an interest in the Civil War and would be visiting Civil War Battlefields. The first was Shiloh National Military Park on the southern […]

 Two-Wheeled Adventures, Chapter One, 1992 – 2003

  The book Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey describes his wanderings after his movie stardom to find validation and understanding of the accolades and celebrity suddenly thrust upon him following his hit movie “A Time for Killing.” He was struggling with his newly anointed fame. There is certainly nothing in the celebrity category that links me […]

Coincidences of WW II

The book “The Expendable” by John Floyd describes the period of time in the Philippines immediately before and after war with Japan was declared. Prior to Japan’s Pearl Harbor attack, the U.S. suspected the Japanese were gearing up for an attack on the Philippines and ordered a Navy aircraft squadron to fly surveillance patrols over […]