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Prep Football

My high school football team was undefeated my senior year and named State Champions by the Connecticut Sport Writers. Football scholarships to major universities were offered to several of my football teammates. Two of us were recruited by the University of Pennsylvania. My dad was thrilled. Wow, a Wharton School student in the family would […]

Cuban Missile Crisis

Sixty Years ago in October, 1962, the U.S. came about as close to World War III as any other time in the following 60-years. It was known as the Cuban Missile Crisis. Following President Kennedy’s failed Bay of Pigs invasion, Nikita Khrushchev installed cruise missile sites on the Cuban island just 90-miles from United States […]

Navy Flight Training

The first phase of my Navy flight training involved 16 weeks of instruction called Preflight. There was no flying during that time. It was the equivalent of Officer Candidate School and included a grueling indoctrination week some referred to Hell Week. There were 46 of us, all college graduates with one exception. The exception was […]


The September 2nd issue of the Herald-Times newspaper featured a fascinating story about ancient warriors on the mid-Mediterranean island of Mallorca who 2,000 years ago BC used to sling stones at invading Romans. They could sling the rocks with such force they could punch holes in the hulls of the Roman ships. The article also […]

Rosie Made Me Do It (Part II)

  The glider course I had signed up for at the Lookout Mountain Hang Glider School included several days of training on a hill where we would practice launches by running off the top of the hill to get airborne, controlling the glider’s direction in the descent, and then learning how to swing our feet […]