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Instrument flying instruction during my pilot training taught me that without visual contact with the horizon or the ground, your inner ear can send totally inaccurate orientation information. The inner ear contains fluid-filled semicircular canals. As the body leans or turns the fluids move causing tiny hairs in the canals to send signals to the […]

Where’s Brian

We planned to drive all night in our new 1979 Dodge van to get our sons back in school after I ran the Boston Marathon. The van, not as fancy as today’s luxury RVs, had rear bench seats mounted on steel legs. The two older boys each claimed one of the back seats as their […]

A Gypsy’s Life – JFS Jr. Permanent Addresses

  1. 10/38 – 2/39 1018 Connecticut Ave, Bridgeport, CT 2. 2/39 – 10/39 179 Kent Ave., Bridgeport (2nd Floor) 3. 2/39 – 10/39 177 Kent Ave, Bridgeport (1st Floor) 4. 10/39 – 3/41 115 Chestnut St. Fairfield, CT 5. 3/41 – 7/41 3213 Condie St, Richmond, VA 6. 8/41 – 10/42 69 Grant St., […]


My wage-earning jobs over the years have included a variety of interesting and diverse undertakings. How do they compare with your own unique work experiences? Grade school In addition to the at-home chores I did for my 25-cent allowance and neighborhood jobs, like snow shoveling, lawn mowing, and babysitting, my best job as a grade […]

War of 1812 Escape

The Dibbles were a family of nine children which included Lovisa, the future Mrs. Ebenezer Stark, my great-great-great grandmother, and a brother, Lewis, who became Ebenezer’s best friend and fellow ship captain. The Dibbles arrived in the mid-west by schooner after sailing across Lake Erie from New York in 1811. They first settled in Frenchtown, […]