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Veteran’s Day: A Proud Moment

The small town of Amherst, Ohio, on the shores of Lake Erie just west of Cleveland, has an exceptional veteran’s mural painted on the wall on one of its downtown buildings. The mural has four sections depicting the WWII flag raising on Iwo Jima, a Korean War mosaic, a Vietnam Wall illustration titled “Reflections,” and […]

Wedding Invitation

Ebenezer Stark’s and Lovisa Dibble’s wedding day on October 24, 1823, began with Eben in his parent’s cabin dressing in a fine wool suit. He is joined by his male attendants not dressed as smartly but all had darkened their heavy boots with lampblack. Lovisa was at her family’s home being helped by her mother, […]

Running the Big Apple

Running the Big Apple Doing the Big Apple, as in running the New York City Marathon, is a cornucopia of experiences. Each of which is unique and everlastingly memorable. New York is Winning The 16,000 chilled marathoners who lined up October 24, 1982, for the 26.2-mile tour of the five boroughs of New York City, […]


High school football was a wonderful experience. I went out for the team in my sophomore year and because a number of seniors had graduated the previous year, I became part of the starting eleven of young inexperienced players. I was a scrappy lineman, who loved the crash and bash of blocking and defensive mayhem. […]

Flight Instructor

After my years as a Navy pilot and a brief stint in the insurance industry, I next found myself in Indiana in a family business started by my father-in-law. I hadn’t flown an airplane in several years but a golfing buddy, a pilot, took me aloft and turned over the controls. Gad, I loved it. […]