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A few years ago, I was searching for an auto repair shop not far from our winter residence in Florida in a lakeside town of Ocklawaha. Driving into this little podunk village, I couldn’t believe it had an auto shop because the town itself had six buildings at most. But yes, a worker at a […]

Flying Experiences

Some of my memories as plane commander of Combat Air Crew 12, flying a P2V7 Neptune, Anti-Submarine Warfare patrol aircraft, are as vivid today as they were 55 years ago. The closest I came to aggressive engagement with the enemy occurred when our unarmed aircraft was jumped by two Soviet MiGs during the Cuban Missile […]


I’ve had a number of unique and interesting jobs. Grade school In addition to the at-home chores I did for my 75-cent allowance and neighborhood jobs, like snow shoveling, lawn mowing, and babysitting, my best job as a grade schooler was one I discovered in a Boy’s Life Magazine ad. I sold seeds and earned […]

Michele History

During World War Two, My wife Michele’s family lived in the small French town of Bar le Duc just an hour from Paris, which included her father, Louis Varnier born in 1905, and her mother Yvonne Meerts, also born in 1905, a sister, Janine, born in 1930, and a brother, Pierre,  born in 1934. A […]

Gypsy Life

I was born in Milford, Connecticut in October, 1938. My dad was just a few years out of college and had been hired as an executive trainee by the General Electric Company. My gypsy life got off to a running start during my first five years. Most of our homes were apartments with frequent moves […]