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Coincidences of WW II

The book “The Expendable” by John Floyd describes the period of time in the Philippines immediately before and after war with Japan was declared. Prior to Japan’s Pearl Harbor attack, the U.S. suspected the Japanese were gearing up for an attack on the Philippines and ordered a Navy aircraft squadron to fly surveillance patrols over […]

Come Fly With Me

Early, on a May morning, 1985, with the dawn barely an hour old, my oldest son, Eric, and I arrived at our Indiana airport to load various equipment planned for our two-week flying adventure across the United States. Sleeping under the wing at our various stops was not just a pipedream and we removed the […]

Public Speaking

Some people are terrified about having to give a speech before a group. I can understand that because even in high school, I found it was a struggle when having to give a talk. I would stutter, stammer, and nervously sweat bullets. But I got over it. I have Toastmasters to thank for that. Toastmasters […]

Letters to Authors

In writing about my correspondence with famous authors, I’m not going to repeat my correspondence with Jack Laurence (blog 10/01/20) because even though he is an award-winning author, The Cat from Hue, a memoir of his Viet Nam experience as an embedded journalist, he is also a former high school classmate and we had corresponded […]

First Cars

Shortly after I got my driver’s license, two of my 16-year-old buddies, Bruce and Jerry, decided we’d like to race stock cars in an empty field next to Jerry’s house. We agreed no one could spend more than $100 for a jalopy. I got wind of a 1937 four-door Studebaker being sold in our town […]