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Across American on Foot

Stories in the book, “Across American on Foot” about the endurance and perseverance of the trans-continental (“transcon)” runners are truly astonishing. My son Brian, having run across the U.S. in 1998 is one of the book’s authors and its editor. The idea for the book originated with Jim McCord who ran across America in 2002. […]

Compassion and Chivalry between Enemies

A dreadfully damaged U.S. bomber, a B-17 named “Ye Olde Pub,” was still over German territory after its bomb run, needing to penetrate deadly Flak coastal airspace before reaching the North Sea. From below climbed a Luftwaffe ME-105 fighter of Fighter Wing 11, piloted by Lt. Franz Stigler. Stigler needed one more air victory to […]

Bar Le Duc, France

My wife, Michele, was born in France in 1942, in the middle of World War II. Even as a toddler, she has memories of hobnailed boots marching through town and having her home taken over by German soldiers, who, incidentally, left a thank you note after taking the good china and silverware. Twenty years earlier, […]

Celebrity Friend

My celebrity friend, Jack Laurence, was named Jack Greenspon in his earlier life.  Jack changed his name after he became a radio announcer working in Washington D.C., and New York. In 1965 Fred Friendly, president of CBS News, made Jack the youngest correspondent in CBS News history. He was 26 years old. Laurence volunteered to […]

Smoke Detectors

Opening our first electrical supply branch in Columbus, Indiana in 1972, presented me, a novice at understanding electrical products, some interesting challenges. Fortunately, I had a lot of support from our home office in Lafayette and had the wisdom to bring an experienced assistant manager with me when we opened. Our main product line was […]