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American Graffiti

Recall of my high school years 1953 thru 1957, came roaring back when watching the classic movie “American Graffiti.”  The music, the cars, drive-in restaurants, hot girlfriends, … wow, such a indelible period of time. My proud memories include first honors for an excellent report card, setting a school discus record in track, selection on […]

The Big Apple

The New York Marathon is a premier event, second only perhaps to the prestigious Boston Marathon. The twenty-six mile course runs through the five boroughs of Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and finishes in Manhattan’s Central Park. The city closes down its streets in support of the run. Nearly 4,000 foreign athletes crossed the ocean […]

Bahama Islands

My plan to fly my airplane to the Bahama Islands with two of my sons during their spring break in my mind was a “guys adventure,” However, my wife at the time, Sherry Stark, was Deputy Mayor of Columbus, Indiana. and her boss, the mayor, learned of my trip and insisted Sherry needed to be […]

Nevada Run

On the ride to Nevada to rendezvous with my son, Brian, who was attempting to establish a record for the on-foot crossing of the state, I looked for opportunities to break up the long hours on the road by visiting historic landmarks or scenic attractions. MC On my second day out, I stopped in Kansas […]

Freeman Army Airfield

I fly gliders with the Louisville Soaring Club out of the Seymour Freeman Muni Airport, Seymour, Indiana. Formerly known as Freeman Army Airfield, the air facility was established in 1941 to train some 4,000 Army bomber pilots during the war. Troops The training in Beech twin-engine A-10 trainers, included not only male Army cadets but […]