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When my oldest son, Eric, turned 50, Chris, his younger brother told him he was buying the two of them a skydiving experience to celebrate. It would be one of those tandem-jump affairs where the instructor is strapped to your back and controls the freefall, chute opening, and landing. I wasn’t concerned for their safety […]

Glider Flying in Moriarty, New Mexico, Part Three

Day Five This week has not been all fun and games. I’ve felt challenged and tested and that old feeling of college finals week tinged with anxiety returned. First it was getting comfortable and confident with the glider. Then it was getting approved for solo. Next was passing the oral test on systems, technology, and […]

Glider Flying in Moriarty, New Mexico, Day Three and Four

Day Three This day I flew with Rick Kohler, the owner of Sundance Aviation. Rick is a nitpicker, demanding precise performance from his students. But that’s the kind of instruction I want. Let me know what I’m doing correctly but also tell me how to improve. The first two landings were in calm air and […]

Glider Flying in Moriarty, New Mexico, Part One

So here I am 1300 miles from Bloomington for a week of sailplane flying in New Mexico. I’m training for my Private Glider Pilot Certification to add to my Single-Engine, Multi-Engine, Instrument, and Commercial Power Pilot ratings. “What the hell do you want to do that for?” my incredulous friends ask. Well, it’s challenging, thrilling, […]

Junior Achievement

My company’s founder, Mr. J. Kirby Risk, was a huge supporter of Junior Achievement, a program whose purpose was to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. That’s probably one of the reasons I volunteered to participate in the Columbus, Indiana, Junior Achievement program called “Project Business.” I had a once-a-week […]