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New Discovery

I was reading a novel that took place during World War II in which one of the characters in France was driving a Peugeot propelled by a wood burning fireplace mounted off the rear of the car. No kidding. Gasoline rationing was such a limiting factor in those war years that thousands of vehicles were […]

Bus Driver

One of my college part-time jobs was driving a bus which required a commercial driver’s license. That involved taking a written and a driver’s test administered by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Once clearing that hurtle, I was given a regular school run each morning and various athletic team trips in the afternoons.    My […]

Atta Boys

My company newsletter, the Weekly Brief which I started in the early 1980s, included stories related to our electrical wholesaling business, such as sales successes, new products being introduced, and customer information. However, by far its most popular feature was employee recognitions. The newsletter was distributed company-wide every Monday and I must admit when the […]


My middle name is Frederick. That was my grandmother’s family name on my father’s side. Grandmother had three brothers. Her brother Vard and his wife Beryl had two sons, one of them named Robert R. Frederick (Bob). My dad, his brother Paul, and cousin Bob were good friends. Bob graduated from DePauw University and has […]

Carson, Pirie, Scott and Company

      Carson, Pirie, Scott and Company, State Street, Chicago, Ill  As a college student approaching the end of my school years and looking forward to a career—whatever it would be—I learned my school, North Central College, had Co-Op arrangements with several corporations in which students could enter fulltime training programs while still earning […]