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New York Marathon

Entry into the New York Marathon was determined in several ways; lottery being one of them. Ten percent of the 2022 60,000 applications were selected by luck of the draw. This past year, 6,250 applicants, after sending in their $295 entry fee, waited patiently to see if their check was cashed and they were entered. […]

Flying Adventures

Whenever pilots get together, stories of hair-raising flying experiences are likely to be boasted about. My Navy flying days included aircraft carrier landing adventures, being jumped by Soviet MiGs during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and numerous icing encounters while flying out of northern Maine. However, I have written about those episodes in this blog before. […]

Cousin Dick Frederick

Dick Frederick was my dad’s cousin, who is therefore my first cousin once removed. Cousin Dick was one of my favorite relatives. Dick had a distinguished military career. I have not been able to find documentation of his service, but as a Purdue University grad, I believe he was at least a Major or perhaps […]

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter found himself in the White House as President following a tumultuous period of Watergate and international challenges. Although, he was not affiliated with my particular political party, he accomplished much I admired. His efforts in Human Rights, Middle East Peacemaking, work as a Washington DC outsider, non-political orientation as President, and as a […]

Uncle Marvin

My grandmother Stark’s brother, great uncle Marvin Frederick, a graduate of Dartmouth College, served in both World Wars and was a very successful corporate executive. He was Treasure of the General Electric Company. He was also a deacon at the prestigious Riverside Church in New York City. The famous preacher Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick was […]