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Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter found himself in the White House as President following a tumultuous period of Watergate and international challenges. Although, he was not affiliated with my particular political party, he accomplished much I admired. His efforts in Human Rights, Middle East Peacemaking, work as a Washington DC outsider, non-political orientation as President, and as a […]

Uncle Marvin

My grandmother Stark’s brother, great uncle Marvin Frederick, a graduate of Dartmouth College, served in both World Wars and was a very successful corporate executive. He was Treasure of the General Electric Company. He was also a deacon at the prestigious Riverside Church in New York City. The famous preacher Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick was […]

My Friend William F. Buckley, Jr.

The famous conservative author, William F. Buckley, Jr., had a legendary biography as best-selling author, magazine publisher, TV personality, and confidant to presidents Nixon and Reagon. I became acquainted with Buckley because of his avocation and skills as a deepwater sailor. His adventures with companions who included ambassadors, Time/Life editors, and other distinguished companions involved […]

Hot Enough For You

Death Valley is known as the hottest, driest, lowest national park in the United States. With an elevation 282 feet below sea level, Death Valley holds the world record for recording 134 degrees in 1913. This year having had 17 consecutive days above 120 degrees, it appeared it might be a candidate to set a […]

Sailboat Adventure

The first sailboat I owned was one I built from scratch in Norfolk, Virginia. As a Lieutenant (jg) I had just received my Navy pilot’s wings and had orders to a new squadron in Brunswick, Maine. But first I was to spend six months of additional training, six weeks of which would be in Nuclear […]